Nutritional supple­ments and therapeutic herbs

Supherb is amongst the planet’s leading nutritional supplement manufacturers. Established in 1986, Supherb features some of the best nutritionists, naturopaths and medical professionals, boasting extensive knowledge in the field of nutrition and dietary supplements.

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Plant based healthcare

Since 1947, the Tilman Laboratory has been a leading, multi-award winning natural health care product developer.

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Traditional Shoe Care

Shoeboy's trade has changed over many generations but always with the highest demands for shoe care products. This complete shoeboy's collection, combines tradition, innovation and outstanding expertise. The high quality materials and the continuous development make shoeboy's perfect for your shoes.

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The Medibear series

A unique series of vitamins and nutritional supplements, developed specifically for children, in a wide range of compositions, flavors, shapes and packaging. The series is manufactured under the highest quality controls/supervision and comply with the industry standards, such as GMP, ISO 9001 and HACCP.

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Travel mugs & Water bottles

At Contigo, water bottles, travel mugs, and kids water bottles are made. These are engineered for the flow of modern life. Learn more about these innovative products by clicking below.

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