Antyperspirant Food Supplement – Excessive Sweating Medication Cyprus

Extensive body perspiration with this food supplement

Form: 30 tablets
Instructions: 1 tablet per day for a month and stop for 7 days


Food supplement

ANTYPERSPIRANT in the form of herbal tablets is recommended for supplementation by people having a problem with hyperhidrosis of armpits, hands, feet or back. The preparation helps limit body perspiration across the entire skin surface, also in the period of menopause.

ANTYPERSPIRANT is a food supplement containing beefsteak plant (Perilla frutescens) and common sage (Salvia officinalis) extracts, ingredients having antihidrotic (anti-perspiration) action. In contrast to traditional deodorizers, application of the ANTYPERSPIRANT preparation helps not only locally, but on the entire skin surface. Regardless of whether the problem is excessive perspiration of armpits, hands, feet or back, inclusion of the ANTYPERSPIRANT ingredients in your diet helps limit body hidrosis on its entire surface.


  • Dry extract of common sage (4000mg)
  • Dry extract of beefsteak plant (600mg)